Sunday, May 2, 2010

Imaginations Gone Wild!

I've always been a big Freddy Krueger fan. He's witty and ironic and the entire Freddy franchise is just so silly and ridiculous and absurd that they are more like funny cartoons than scary slasher films.

The other night my brother-in-law Gilligan was here, and we got to talking about horror films and whether or not any of us was planning to see the new Freddy remake. We haven't heard great things about it, and in my humble opinion a non-tongue-in-cheek Freddy just isn't worth watching. I mean, come on! The guy is a former kiddie killer who now hunts teenagers in their dreams. How is that not funny???

Then Gilligan told us about a movie he heard about called The Human Centipede, and I will spare everyone the details because just hearing the premise of this movie will make you want to stab yourself in the face. I made the mistake of reading an online article about the film right before going into the shower today. Hubby and the Princeling were downstairs getting the laundry. I was all alone in the apartment...

Our bathroom door has trouble staying shut, so while I was showering it opened of its own accord. Which, of course, made me think of Psycho and that infamous shower scene. Then I turned off the water and heard the doorbell ringing over and over. Of course. Of course! This is a classic set-up in horror movies: the female victim, her vulnerability emphasized/visualized by her nakedness, lured into the killer's trap. Except that instead of being a hottie teenager I'm a slightly overweight 34-year old. Dripping wet and wrapped in a towel, I checked the peephole on our door. It wasn't a sociopathic slasher, it was just Hubby and the Princeling. When they went downstairs I had accidentally locked them out.

No more horror movie discussions right before I take a shower alone.

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