Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where the Orange Blossoms Grow

We arrived in Florida on Saturday after a blessedly uneventful flight with the Princeling. He was clearly tired but couldn't get comfortable in our row. Still, he was a champ and didn't have any meltdowns. He colored with his crayons - and, yes, I let him color the window shade and tray table in front of him because the airline was a total ripoff and didn't have pillows or blankets and charged for water - and climbed up and down the seats. Half an hour before landing he fell asleep in his father's arms:

Once in Florida we rented a car with a toddler seat, despite Florida law that practically allows newborns to wear only an adult seatbelt. We stripped the Princeling down to his diaper and flip-flops because Florida is one giant swamp and we didn't want him to melt. We drove through a McDonald's and gave the Princeling some fries and felt very South Florida - here's some fast food for our almost-naked toddler! Yee-haw!

So far so good down here. The Princeling seems to really enjoy it here, though mostly indoors - outside he walks two steps then demands to be carried. In West Palm he only napped in the car, but here at my parents' in Miami he seems to be napping well in the rent-a-crib my parents got for him. And his night sleeping is excellent. His first night here he slept 14 hours! He's terrified of the ocean but loves the pools. He learned how to play catch with his bisabuelo (my hubby's grandfather) in West Palm, and was the absolute star of the show at my grandma's retirement community. We bought him a floating lobster for the pool that he loves, and my parents are by far his favorite people on the planet for whom he goes down to sleep with no issues and eats without fighting them. At this rate we'll probably just leave him here when we return to NY on Saturday.


  1. Hi, Meredith, I just wanted to confirm that you did the right thing by buying a special airplane harness and want to make sure you keep your son strapped in the entire flight. A close friend of mine is an airplane flight attendant and has told me horror stories of dead babies who were on parents laps when bad turbulence hits. If the plane dead drops 15 feet and the baby is not strapped in, the G force rips it out of mom or dad's arms and smashes it into the plane's ceiling hard enough to - snap a neck. Not to be mean here, just wanting to help save baby lives. Aside form all that, love your writing and your blog.

  2. ...I'm glad I read this after we got home, but thanks for the advice Varda!


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