Saturday, May 22, 2010

Safe & Sound & Exhausted

What is it about vacations that just wipes you out?

We had a fantastic time in Florida - the Princeling had so much fun we were quite tempted to leave him there. We're sure that his grandparents and he would have loved that, not to mention my friend Tia who plans trips to NY just so she can babysit him, and my cousin One-L with whom the Princeling developed a total Mutual Admiration Society. She may be 21 years his senior and his second-cousin once-removed (...I think? We just called her Auntie One-L), but the two are in luuuurve. I told her if she wants to intern at any NY firms this summer she's more than welcome to stay with us on condition that she babysits for her room and board.

Meanwhile, the Princeling was a total champ on both plane rides and the entire time we were down in FL. He behaved very well, only threw up twice (once in the car going to LaGuardia, and once on his way back from being forced to visit my father's father, and honestly I don't blame him as the man makes most of us puke), loved the pools, and came back to NY with a slight tan and even blonder hair than normal. This bodes well for any future vacays we might need to take with him.

The hubby and I celebrated our four-year annimiversary on Thursday. My parents were kind enough to send us to the Ritz-Carlton on Key Biscayne for the night. We enjoyed the luxuries we've so missed since the Princeling was born: a late dinner with no high chair or booster seat or toys, sleeping in, and peace and quiet all to ourselves.

Still, as much fun as we all had, we're glad to be back in Park Slope. Despite the Princeling's absolute meltdown once we got back in the apartment (like what, was he storing it up all week?), realizing that we unplugged our DVR and it therefore didn't record any of our shows, and my current massive headache, there really is no place like home.

Water Mama and Her Water Baby

For Varda's benefit: The Princeling in his harness

Having a snooze on one of our two balconies at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. It's tough being so pampered and spoiled. And why yes, that IS champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries by my chair.

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